Getting too pushy…

Is it just me, or whenever I look at my phone I have a bunch of push notifications — half of which I don’t really care about. It kind of seems like they are taking over. I sign up for my favourite sports teams notifications, and ESPN thinks it is a good idea to send me a push notification for everything. I like the notifications for when my teams play, win, lose, tie, trade a player, and other general news about the team. But sometimes I look down and there are notifications that have nothing to do with my teams. Say results and highlights to an MMA fight. No ESPN, I don’t want to watch Anderson Silva snap his leg in half, that is gross. If I wanted to watch that, I would sign up for it.

It is not just ESPN though, everybody is doing it too. Especially shops and news sources. I used to have notifications set up for Breaking News reports on some of the major networks, but I have recently deleted them because they have gotten really excessive. I would turn on my phone and see:

BREAKING NEWS: ISIS Beheads Japanese Citizen

BREAKING NEWS: Patriots Win Super Bowl

BREAKING NEWS: Man Saves Kitten From Tree in Viral Video

I believe that major publication sites are taking advantage of us allowing them to send push notifications. I am not the only one who thinks this though. The developers over at Swrve also dislike the bombardment of push notifications. Marketing platform Swrve has come out with a  new program that helps filter the notifications. It hopes to change the field of push notifications by starting with the shopping applications.

With Swrve, marketers at stores won’t be sending you push notifications everyday of those sales. You will still receive your news in other places should you choose, but now it won’t be a daily occurrence. For example, they have a new program where they use your phones GPS to see when you enter a shopping mall or come close to a store. You won’t get a push message from that Macys unless you walk in to a mall with one. Then, instead of receiving these promotions everyday at home, you will receive the days promotions.

I think that this is a good start, but I believe that the field of publication is rapidly shifting their delivery systems towards this form of notification to get more viewership.

To read more on Swrve:


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