How Much Are You Worth?

Do your fingers race across the keyboard in fervent excitement to share new and innovative news to the masses? Do people come to you for your opinion and insight on current events and ask for your predictions on future trends? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you may have the beginnings of a blog that has potential to make you a large amount of money. How? By telling your story! Well, sort of. It’s the traffic of unique visitors to your blog that will generate that large amount of money through Ad Sales. Companies are lining up and reaching out more than ever to advertise on such blogs that will in turn generate traffic to their own sites or products and make them money. Individuals are making six figure incomes annually and some even monthly! Expert bloggers and analysts strongly believe that people of the general public are able to make a living from blogging but that it won’t be cake walk nor happen overnight. Listed in the link are some noteworthy bloggers that turned their point of view writing into multimillion dollar businesses. This lucrative business is fairly new but on a steady rise as more publishing content is turned digital. So for anyone that has a strong passion in the field of blogging and looking to strike it big, how much are you worth?


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