The Future Has Arrived?

Without sounding overly redundant, (completely my fault as I should have posted about this sooner) what new ways are children able to access books? The future has most certainly arrived as children, even as young as two years of age, have played with some sort of tablet or mobile device. These e-readers, tablets, and smart-phones have capabilities that surpassed my imagination and continue to be perfected every single year. Children today are able to access all sorts of electronic devices in which they can, thankfully, read and/or be read to. Many of the e-books out there have now become interactive and children can be completely engaged with the story.

Not only have handheld devices become interactive, so has the content on the computers. Computers have always been a way for children to read up to date material for educational purposes but also for fun. There are many websites devoted to engaging kids in educational games and conversations, but through videos too. I know for a French class I took, we were required to read Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and while we were encouraged to buy the hard copy, our teacher recommended going to Youtube and listening to the book in French while reading along. There is now even a website for the book that has games and contests to keep kids excited and active within the books fan community.

I always think we should continue to progress with the amazing technological developments, but where does it become destructive and overwhelming? I am unsure how much more we can stimulate the youth with all these different avenues of learning. I think it eventually be too much. So, has the future arrived? Or has the future yet to come?



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