Do I have to have a normal sleep schedule?

According to Amanda Gefter, a freelance physics writer, apparently not! Amanda admits to having a terrible sleeping schedule that she describes as “Vampire.”

Amanda Gefter's enviable view.

Amanda does her writing from her Cambridge apartment that overlooks the sailboats in the Charles River water. She has this desk in her living room but shays the keeps an extra desk in her bedroom “for those days when I just don’t feel like going into the office.”

Her non-traditional sleep schedule includes her typically going to bed around 6 am and sleeping until 1 pm. When she gets up, she checks her email and starts reading science magazines to stay up to date on current information. She then checks her emails, does research, and contacts sources for new pieces. Then, once the whole world has fallen asleep, she begins her writing, with her most productive part of the day being between 11 pm and 5 am. So, this young successful writer does not live by the world’s schedule. She works when she performs best, and it works for her. It might just work for you!


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