“I’ve Got It!”

I love Dr. Suess. I have always loved Dr. Suess. The way he appeals to his young audience with catchy rhyme schemes and nonsense words has always fascinated me. I was reading an interview that was conducted with his wife, Audrey Geisel, after his death, and she gave some very interesting insight into his writing process.

She talked about how when he got an idea for a new book, he would come into the house shouting “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”. She mentioned his extreme focus, saying “What I learned [is] that he didn’t want an answer. He wanted nothing. He just wanted to let me know he had “it” – whatever “it” was going to be”. Dr. Seuss would then work on that idea, whatever it was, relentlessly until he had it exactly how he wanted it.

The whole transcript for the interview with Audrey “Mrs. Suess” Geisel can be found here, and I would strongly recommend browsing through it. I really enjoyed getting more of an understanding for my favorite doctor’s writing process. He really was a brilliant author.


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