Twitter: a constant distraction

In my research of Carl Zimmer, I came across an interview about his writing habits. He discusses his desk, his electronics, and his routine. He says that he has a propensity to sleep in, however due to his kids’ bus schedule, he is usually up, dressed, and flushing the coffee through his veins by 7:30am. Zimmer seems to be heavily involved in the twitter community, so he can kill hours of time distracted on social media.  Zimmer spends a considerable amount of time on the internet whilst doing his work, trying to find sources, or just grazing for new ideas. One interesting thing about Zimmer’s resources is that he constantly is recycling the books, references, and articles in his office. As he discovers new, more relevant information, the old gets donated to the library. He says that, along with writing, his work day consists of phone interviews for different stories, downloading new papers of interest to stay up to date on new scientific information, and emailing people to schedule more interviews.

When asked about his ritual and habits, he responded “All my habits are bad. Not Baudelaire bad, just nothing that helps my writing.” Zimmer seems to have a constantly distracted mind, but one that always gets around to focusing on his topic at hand. He even says “While Twitter can be hugely important to me for keeping up with news, it can also lure me off to all sorts of interesting stories and podcasts and videos that have nothing remotely to do with what I can seriously call work.” In the midst of his writing in his office, he enjoys taking breaks to run or walk around his town and neighborhood.


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