Legal Limitations of Blogs

Though blogs are often viewed as a versatile form of publication with little restriction, a legal responsibility is assumed when one produces a blog. Many of these responsibilities might seem obvious, but some are less so. The more obvious ones include that plagiarism is prohibited, and copyrights and trademark laws must be in accordance when posting a blog. For example, one must not post a blog as his or her own that is from another site. As for copyright and trademark laws, pictures that are not permitted to be used on blogs unless they are created by the blogger, allowed to under the copyright license, or are given express consent from the pictures’ creator. The less obvious legal issue with blogging has to do with libel. This term refers to the publication of untrue information that would have a negative effect on someone’s reputation. Even if no one visits the blog, this practice is still considered illegal.
As more and more blogs are started up, it seems likely that more and more people will get sued. Bloggers are often created ordinary people with little knowledge of the legal responsibility that they assume by creating a blog. It would be easy for a lawyer to find a blog somewhere that maybe posted a picture illegally and collect money from that person. Perhaps this practice not yet worthwhile for a lawyer, but it could not hurt to be careful. Major lawsuits have occurred over similarly trivial issues.



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