One Author’s Personal Experience With Self-Publishing

Tod Langley is the author of several successful fantasy novels. On Langley’s personal website he described his personal experiences with self-publishing.

Langley found that self-publishing came with a degree of freedom that he would not have had otherwise. Langley was able to determine the deadlines of his writing as well as length and style requirement. The few external deadlines that Langley did have, he found he was able to meet them with greater ease because he had a good editor and consultant.

One of the major steps in self-publishing for Langley was submitting his manuscript to the right publisher. Langley writes that, “I submitted the manuscript to the publisher that best matched my sales objectives. Once we came to a conclusion on the publishing package cost, they offered me additional services including market analysis, editorial analysis, copy editing, proofreading, and advance cover design options. This initial analysis period took ten days.”

Langley encourages new writers to use a copy editor. Langley writes that, “Even if I had proofread my book several times (which I did) I can’t imagine it coming back as polished if I had skipped this part. This part of the process took the editor less than three weeks.”

During that portion of the editing process, Langley worked with his publisher to design a book cover. When the copy edit was finished, Langley proofread the final draft version of the book, a process that took approximately a week. Finally, Langley signed an agreement and the official manuscript was delivered to the printer. Within three weeks, the book was ready for sale. Langley writes that, “In all, the time it took for the manuscript to go from submission to print and availability at online bookstores was under four months!” Langley’s story shows that when a writer equipping yourself with the right external tools and support can make the publishing process infinitely easier.


2 thoughts on “One Author’s Personal Experience With Self-Publishing

  1. rdomitz March 13, 2015 / 5:08 pm

    This is really interesting! I’ve always felt that self-publishing sounded pretty daunting. It’s interesting how there are varying degrees of influence the company Langley worked with offered. I think the more ethereal deadlines identifies langley as someone who wishes to see his job as a passion, rather than just a career. His efforts are fueled by his own motivation, all the while acknowledging the support he receives from others. I wouldn’t be surprised to see self-publishing conquer the writing realm in the not so far off future.


  2. alivalerio March 16, 2015 / 1:11 am

    I found your post really insightful. There’s been a lot of talk about self-publishing on the blog, but with your post I feel like I really have a better understanding of the process involved in self-publishing. I know that the process isn’t the same for everyone, but these are the steps that your writer took in particular. It sounds like the process wasn’t too challenging for him, and that’s great! If only more publishing processes were easier like this. Then again, at least the difficulty and complexity of publishing helps to ensure that the highest quality work gets out there. Thanks for sharing!


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