Faulkner and Darwin

So the Author for my narrative, David Quammen, keeps mentioning these two names. Anywhere theres anything written about Quammen, I swear at least once you’ll see the names Darwin and Faulkner. But why?

William Faulkner was an American Author born in 1897 in Mississippi. He began his career writing poetry. Later Faulkner went on to publish several successful novels that addressed relatively unspoken controversial topics including slavery and rape. He won both the Pulitzer and Nobel prize as a novelist. And who the hell doesn’t know Charles Darwin? An English born naturalist accredited for publishing the first concepts of natural selection and the theory of evolution! His detailed accounts of his travels on the HMS Beagle propelled him forever into history books.

But what do both authors have in common? Well besides Mr. Quammen’s enthusiasm, I think they represent Quammen’s transcendence to a more complex writer. From Faulkner, Quammen draws his ability to tell the story, the people, the emotions. Faulkner is the breath behind Quammen’s work. Its what makes it lifelike. From Darwin however I hypothesize Quammen draws the adventure. The mystery of the unknown, and the facts we uncover to get there.

In my last blog entry I mentioned Quammen’s balance between fun and learning. I think I’ve found where Quammen learned that balance.





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