A New Way to Find Publishing Success

I enjoy reading articles from Cracked.com, which is one of the top comedy sites on the internet. It contains tons of content on movies and television, history, culture, science, all kinds of things. Cracked.com has a very interesting process for choosing content to be published on their site. In my opinion, it’s brilliant. Basically, Cracked accepts ideas from any and all types of people, published or not. In fact, they don’t care anything about who you are as a person, or what types of qualifications you have–they only care about your ideas. You can submit your ideas to them for free, and they will work with you to help get them to the publishing level. If your ideas aren’t good enough, they will tell you why.

With some effort, anyone at all can be published, and paid, too. You get $100 for your first article, and for each one up until your fourth. After that, you get $200 an article. One of the most important benefits, though, is the extreme exposure you get as a writer being published on their site. Your article can easily reach a million views in a few days. Cracked believes that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, and they’ve certainly been successful with their philosophy.

To help encourage readers, the writer of the article that called for new Cracked writers shared his own story. His name is Adam Tod Brown, an editor at Cracked. Before, he had a miserable life. He dropped out of college and spent many years working in fast food and at a health insurance company. In 2007, he responded to a call for Cracked writers and pitched an article to the site. A little over two weeks later, it was on the front page. In the next year, he wrote more than 20 articles for Cracked, building up his resume with articles that each had over a million views. With that, he got other writing jobs, and then got the chance to run another comedy site, and his work expanded from there. In 2011, he became a full-time editor at Cracked, and moved to Los Angeles to work from their offices.

All of his success came from simply pitching ideas to a super-popular website that took the time to help him shape his work. Other websites employ similar strategies, but few have the enormous audience that Cracked does. This is a process that guarantees results, and Cracked depends on it to run their insanely popular site. To me, this is very encouraging because it helps to level the playing field with writers of all different experience levels. There are other success stories (which could be another post in itself) that came from writers reaching out to Cracked, and it seems like this is a new and exciting way for writers to get published and be successful.



2 thoughts on “A New Way to Find Publishing Success

  1. stephaniebaur March 16, 2015 / 12:55 am

    This is the first post I have read that made me immediately want to drop everything and look something up. I have never heard of Cracked before, but will research it thoroughly shortly. It sounds like an ideal starting place for any writer, especially one who loves comedy. I love comedy and hope to utilize this site after a little more research. Have you published on Cracked before? If so, what was your experience and article?


  2. alivalerio March 16, 2015 / 1:04 am

    Oh man, it makes me so excited to see your comment! I’m glad you found my post worth looking into. Cracked is huge, and it’s a lot of fun to read. I eat up their articles on all kinds of subjects. The subject matter can be surface-level and deep, but it’s always told from a humorous perspective. If you love comedy, I definitely recommend checking out this website. These writers are super smart, and you can tell by their sharp word choice. i will say, some of the language is pretty crude at times, which I’m not totally a fan of, but the spirit of the work is all in good fun. I’ve never published there, but it’s totally something I would love to do. People have gotten ridiculously famous for writing even just one article for them (getting things like book deals and TV writing gigs and acting careers and more) and it’s all legitimately true, but if you do some research you can see for yourself.


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