New Digital Tools to Inspire Writers

With the new digital age comes a new influx of information, and this can prove very helpful for writers who are looking for inspiration. Of course, there is a lot of material in everyday life that can contribute to a piece of writing, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to take in all of that material and communicate it in writing. The internet offers a lot of tools to help writers on their journeys. There are entire websites dedicated to helping writers find inspiration, and there are web pages after web pages of links to even more websites. These sites may contain prompt or idea generators of various forms (I found one that gives prompts in the form of questions to answer, one that gives first sentences to a story that you finish from there, one that gives you blanks to fill in an outline of story, etc.) They may also contain lists of sources from which you can draw information (such as art, history, movies, nature, etc.) In addition, there are plenty of blogs and writing groups out there where other write love to talk about their sources of inspiration. While the digital world has done much to challenge writers, in seems in this way it helps provide new potential for writers who don’t always know where to look and how to start.



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