Op-Ed and You

The New York Times is no stranger to the journalistic publishing world, and the Op-Ed page has name quite a name for itself as well. But, how do you actually get published in a globally respected newspaper? Op-Ed and Sunday Review editor, Trish Hall, explained the process in an article.

Even though it is impossible for them to publish everything they receive, they claim to read every submission. As The Times becomes more international, the call for editorial pieces becomes even stronger. They publish in both print and online media and need opinionated people to present information from a different view. Hall explains, “Anything can be an Op-Ed. We’re not only interested in policy, politics or government. We’re interested in everything, if it’s opinionated and we believe our readers will find it worth reading.”

Of course, getting published in The Times is no small feat. It takes dedication and probably more than a few rejections. However, if you are passionate about an issue, Hall thinks it’s important that you try. Below is advice she gives writers on publishing in The Times.

  • Keep it between 400 and 1200 words
  • Stay timely: React to current events and send it in quickly to increase your chances
  • Write in your own voice: Don’t try to sound like the people who are already published
  • Don’t use jargon
  • Don’t generalize: Stay focused on one specific topic

It is very possible to make a difference using the Op-Ed page as your platform. The experts tell writers time and time again to put ourselves out there, even it doesn’t seem to be a fruitful endeavor right away. Maybe it’s time we start listening.




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