Vollman: Tips on becoming a successful writer

Rob Vollman, co-author of  seven books and co-founder of the website Hockey Prospectus, has been writing about statistics and analytics for a while. In a post on Hockey Prospectus, he gives some advice to young writers who may want to follow in his footsteps.

Trust your early voice, because you ultimately wind up going back to it later.

Identify your passion, find your voice, and pursue that with your entire focus. And remember that the only way negative people can be right about you is if you quit.

Don’t rely on a website, radio station, or publication to provide the audience for you, cultivate it yourself. Reply to emails, respond to tweets, and get engaged in the comments sections. This is invaluable information to discover who your audience is, and how to hit their mark.

Write every day, and the ideas will surface. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work, and you’ll need a genuine passion for the field to stick with it.

So, overall, it seems like the best bet is to find your own voice, stick to it, and branch out to multiple publications in order to find an audience. Obviously tons of work is going to be involved, as he mentions, so the passion will be needed in order to help find the fortitude to push through that much work.

Any thoughts on his advice?


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