Get Ready

Being a writer of any kind takes a lot of work and dedication to your craft. Being a sports writer is no exception. It is no big secret that in order to write about sports you have to cover sporting events. What isn’t thought about is how much work that really takes. You don’t just go to a basketball game, watch it, and say you’re done. You have to be prepared to go above and beyond. You have to be ready to cover three or four different events in one day while also meeting the deadlines for whatever you are writing. There is also the entire process of tweeting and blogging, which has become so instrumental in sports writing today. The process of sports writing is not the typical sit at the desk and computer with a cup of coffee and work. It is going out, seeing and reporting, tweeting and reading tweets, etc. It is less of a writing process and more of a process on where to be, when to be there, and what to do while you are there are.


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