How much can one event inspire someone?

Sports are a great breeding ground for inspirational stories, with underdogs, comebacks, and unbelievable feats of athleticism starting the snowball effect that makes players into heroes, and heroes into legends.

Jason Reid, a sports writer for the Washington Post, found himself so inspired by Isiah Thomas’ play during Game 6 of the 1988 NBA Finals that it convinced him that he wanted to write about sports for the rest of his life. 

Obviously there are always going to be inspirations for individual stories, especially in the sports world. Players and teams win games, go on streaks, and create ideas with their play. But for one player, in one game, to send someone down a career path, is truly phenomenal.

Though this particular case only applies to sports, it would be interesting to hear from other writers how they decided they wanted to write in their specific field of interest. Most have always liked to write, but why write novels/personal essays/short stories, instead of about travel/sports/fashion? The inspiration for someone to decide upon a career path seems just as interesting, if not more interesting, than the inspiration for a single article.


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