Keeping the passion is important

Throughout many of the writer’s advice articles that I (and the rest of the class, I’m guessing) have come across, a common theme that has surfaced is making sure that whatever type of writing you’re doing is something that you have an intense passion for.

Though people can have this passion for a topic, or a type of writing, there will always be moments when that passion wavers, and the writer is challenged to find a way to renew it.

Clare Austin, of Raw Charge, a hockey based website, gives us a way to do so by outlining how she found her passion for hockey again after finding that she wasn’t enjoying the games¬†anymore.

Austin simply reset her mind, and got back to doing what she enjoyed, instead of what might gain the website page views. Constantly watching the games and looking for some tidbit of information to share, or for a tiny bit of analysis to write about had worn her out, as had constantly talking about the game in terms of statistics and numbers. So, during the playoffs, she stopped doing that, and simply went back to watching the games for the joy of it.

Though it isn’t mentioned in the article, Austin does find use her rediscovered passion, and continues to write about hockey to this day. The article was posted in 2013, and in the two years since, she has started her own blog and consistently provides the hockey world quality analysis, especially in terms of goaltenders.

How might other writers rediscover their passions after finding themselves bored, or disinterested?

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