The Perfect Publication

Writing for a career has inherent risks. One is that you have to rely on others to see the “genius” of your work and to appreciate your masterpiece for what it really is. In a field where the nature of the work is that way, it is absolutely no wonder that even the most successful of authors now struggle when they start off. Take Sebastian Junger for example. Junger did not receive that big break when he was 22 year old straight out of college. He had a few freelancing projects but otherwise nothing and resorted to doing other, more extreme jobs for a living. It wasn’t until Junger was in Bosnia in the mid 1990’s during a whole slew of social messes that he got the offer that would finally change his career around after having previously been relegated to odd jobs because of repeated rejections. The Perfect Storm came out in 1997 and with that Junger was national name. his career took off because of it and as a result he became the writer people dream of being, with subsequent books following in the years after.

Source: Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors On How and Why They Do What They Do

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