The thing I fear most about sending my writing off to publishers is waiting.

Wait for it, wait for it… Click image for article!

I have two short stories I sent in to the Cypress Dome in December, and I wait. I check the online submissions all the time to see if they have looked at it, if it has been accepted or rejected, but every time I go on the website, it is in progress.

I looked up how long it normally takes for a publisher to get back to a writer, and it varies from person to person. From an article on stevelaube.com called “Writers Learn the Waiting Game,” “It can take 3-6 months to hear an answer from a publisher. The longest our agency waited was 22 months before we received a contract offer. No kidding. Just shy of two years. [Both I and my client had already moved on, thinking the project was dead.]” This website actually has a lot of advice for writers, and they are focused in the Christian marketplace. They also have an article called “How Long Does it Take to Get Published,” where people commented the lengths of time they have waiting during their publishing processes.

One thought on “Waiting

  1. alyssabrady March 19, 2015 / 2:42 pm

    Waiting is the worst part!

    I write for a website back in my home town that covers events and I attend these events, interview people and write an article about it. Whenever I am finished with my article I read it over and over again, seeing if I had made any mistakes. Once I am sure I have mistakes, I send it in to my editor. Once I send in that article, I am constantly checking my email, to see if my editor has responded and if she likes my article. Sometimes they love it, but sometimes she sends it back with many corrections. Even though she may send my articles back with corrections sometimes, she never says they are bad. I believe that writers can be too hard on themselves and the longer we wait, the worse we think we did.


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