What Would Like to Read?

Writing in the sports world can be tricky. There are competitors that have been in the community for decades with experience older than you are competing for the same story. There are the young kids fresh out of college that are so head strong and committed to making a name that they will do whatever they need to succeed. And there are those people who so well established and write so well that it seems like their work possesses a certain divinity to it. Then you’re left wondering how in the world you could possibly compete in this market. For someone like Bill Simmons, that’s easy. You just write what your friends like. Bill Simmons had no training or real experience in sports journalism prior to receiving his first job and subsequently starting his own website. But that certainly did not deter him. Instead, he chose to write about what he loved and was able to succeed. For Bill Simmons, he decided the best way to write was to write what he thought his friends would like to read. And sure enough, it caught on. Simmons created his own website and from there his career has taken off to extraordinary heights.

Source: https://thepublishingculture.wordpress.com/category/the-writing-life/writers-processes/

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