Working with an editor vs. working without an editor

In my limited experience as a writer, I’ve written for five different websites. For two of them, I had an editor who would review my work and decide when it was a good time to publish it. For the rest, I had to proofread my own work, and send it to someone who would simply publish it on the website without checking it over first.

The two publishing experiences are very different, as having an editor makes you lazy sometimes; you leave sentences that don’t make sense in the article, and you sometimes don’t correct grammatical mistakes because you know that someone else will catch them. Writing without an editor forces you to proofread your own work, and make sure that it’s at the highest quality possible before sending it off to be published.

I recommend getting used to working without an editor, and forcing yourself to produce high quality work that is, for the most part, error free. This way, working with an editor can become a luxury that catches the few mistakes you do make, and makes your life just a little bit easier.

One thought on “Working with an editor vs. working without an editor

  1. alyssabrady March 19, 2015 / 3:11 pm

    I currently write for a website that has no editor. I send in my article to the owner of the website and she reads over it but she rarely correct anything I write. Having no editor makes me double and triple check my writing. I make so many drafts because I know that no one else will edit my work for me, and however I present it, is how it is going to end up on the website. It is my responsibility for my work to be in the best shape as possible. It is a good habit for writers not to rely on their editor to perfect their work. As you said, this could make this lazy about their work. Although, I sometimes wish I did have an editor because I don’t catch my mistakes every single time and it would be nice to have a second pair of eyes to proof read my work,


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