Behind The Inspirations for John Green’s Next Motion Picture


John Green’s new movie coming to theaters this summer is called Paper Towns. It is a fabulous book and one that might bring you to tears, just like The Fault in Our Stars. When I went searching for Green’s inspiration on the book I thought I’d check his website first, and that’s where I found it.  On his frequently asked questions section of his website, under Paper Towns, you can find his long and thought out answers.

Green loves mystery novels or as he writes, he really wanted to write a mystery novel because he “wanted to try writing one.” He wanted a book that did not idealize the people who are in a relationship or interested in each other. He just did not want another Edward Cullen or another beautiful girl in a biology class. He wanted a story that was real and life-like. As for the place of the novel, he wanted to write a story that was based in Orlando, Florida because he spent most of his life there growing up. Lastly, he wanted to write “about the weird cartographic phenomenon of Paper Towns” because he has found them interesting ever since he learned about them in college.

One thought on “Behind The Inspirations for John Green’s Next Motion Picture

  1. alyssabrady March 19, 2015 / 1:40 pm

    John Green is a very popular writer, especially since his book The Fault in Our Stars hit theaters and made our country fall in love with two teens that had cancer. I am actually reading john Green’s book, Looking for Alaska, right now and I already absolutely love it. He immediately makes you connect with the characters and understand the story, as if you are in their shoes. Although, Looking for Alaska is another love story. To see Green venture off and write a mystery novel is very exciting because this is something new for him. I love mystery novels and the fact that Green has written one has got me wanting to read it write now. And the fact that the book takes place in Orlando, Florida makes me want to read it even more because that is the current city I live in. Good post, I am definitely going to check this book out!


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