Dealing With Writers Block The John Green Way


When people usually get writers block, they take a step back from writing and find something else to do for a while or something that might inspire them but then you have John Green. When he is writing a book and cannot think of another idea for the story, He said, on his website, that when he is writing his first drafts for a story about 90% of the time he ends up deleting what is written, even if it is beautiful. This helps him a lot because he gives him a little bit of freedom, and it is liberating for him as a writer. His one expiation to this rule, to this day, was Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Green also finds it helpful to think of something his father use to say to him, “Coal minders don’t get coal miners’ block.”

John Green is an amazing writer, to me at least, and it is comforting to know that sometimes he has not finishing a book. As a writer you are continually learning what works and what does not. So it should never be thought of as waisted time. Green writes, “You were learning something as a writer that you needed to learn. The difficult thing is figuring out when a story really SHOULD be abandoned, and when it’s just the mid-story blues–which I think happens to every book.” This quote, to me, just screams inspiration and advice because it is so true. As writers we need to learn when a story needs to be dropped or if we are just in the “mid-story blues.”

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