Are Travel Writers Easily Inspired?

You would think that when travel journalists are traveling different countries and cities, they would easily be inspired to write a great story, but sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds.

Travel writing sounds simple, right? Wrong. Travel journalism is a very competitive field and it can be extremely difficult to make your writing stand out from everyone else’s. Everyone is writing about the same thing and it can be challenging to find a new spin or angle, on how to write your story.

The usual travel story is the resorts to stay at, the restaurants to eat and drink at and the classic tourist spots, that everyone has already heard of. All of these stories are way over done. The had part is to take a place that has been visited, or heard of, by many and make them see a whole new side of these popular destination.

Paris, Rome, Italy, etc. are very well known destinations and many travel writers usually write similar stories about these places. It takes talent to take a topic that is so well known and introduce new and exciting things to the audience.

For example, Anthony Bourdain is a very well known chef, food critic, writer and has his own TV shows. One of his newest TV shows is called, Parts Unknown. I love this show and think it is a great inspiration for travel writers because Bourdain travels the world but shows a side that many people have never seen or even heard about. I highly recommend it for travel writers, or just anyone in general.

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