Dare to Be Scary

Robert Lawrence Stine, otherwise known as R.L. Stine, is a well-established author among the horror genre. He is a part of many people’s childhoods, including mine. His books are especially appealing to those who are a fan of gore and horror stories. He is famously known for his series of books called Goosebumps. Each book focuses on a different character and follows a different plot line, though they’re all meant to scare or at least invoke a few goosebumps (yes, I said it).

Stine initially wrote humorous books targets toward children after being placed in a position on the Scholastic Press. He also wrote a humor magazine named Bananas that was meant for teenagers. He wrote them under the pen name Jovial Bob Stine, to go along with the genre he was aiming to write under.

Surprisingly, Stine didn’t write his first horror novel until 1986, titled Blind Date. He only branched out into this genre after he lost his job at Scholastic. The novels Twisted, The Babysitter, The Beach House, Hit and Run, and The Girlfriend followed soon after.

In 1989, he published approximately 100 books in the series Fear Street, meant for young adults, before publishing the Goosebumps series, aimed more toward children, in 1992. These books led to spin-offs and additions that later became quite successful as well. The Goosebumps series are what gave him his claim to fame and led to him becoming a best-selling author.

The books were such a success in the United States that a television show was created that was based off of their stories. R.L. Stine became a very successful and wealthy author thanks to these shiver-provoking children’s books.


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