The Little Things

I find it so fascinating how so many little things can inspire and expand our imagination and become this huge success. It’s almost like a tornado but it spins us to a happy place and you just cannot have imagined a more beautiful place to land safely. One little thing that turned into a success is Neridah McMullin’s  newest book, Knockabout Cricket. On Neridah’s blog, a little birdy told me… she introduces how this book came to be. “Funnily enough, I wrote this story five years ago as fiction. Yep, you heard me right, five years ago. It was long forgotten. But as one of my writerly friends once said to me, no written word is ever wasted. And sure enough this story managed to find it’s way from the depths of my filing cabinet back into the spotlight again, only to be re-written as non-fiction. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but now that it’s done, I can see that it works well. I really appreciate the opportunity that One Day Hill and Scholastic gave me to re-write this story.” One of the coolest things about this story is how it relates to Neridah on a personal level as her son loves to play cricket but it is also based on a true story about real cricket player Johnny Mullagh set in 1865.

This is really cool to learn that even after you write something, don’t throw it away thinking it has gone to waste. Sometimes you just need to sit and wait for the right timing and it will be reworked in a way you never expected.


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