The 5-Step Writing Process

A lot of us began our writing careers by learning about the 5-step writing process.  Whenever I am struggling with writer’s block or trying to find what to do next, I always go back to my roots.  While it is a very basic process, I have found it helps my mind focus on the important factors of my writing.  Once I have a new foundation, I can move on in a new direction that generally enhances my writing.

The simplicity of this process gives the writer a foundation to build on when they don’t know where to turn.  The first step, pre-writing, is a great place to generate ideas.  All writers have their own way of doing this whether it be using thinking maps or writing out whatever comes to their mind first.  I find myself going back to this step many times during my entire writing process.  I always find something new that I may have missed or had not thought of before.

In any type of writing or project, you need a stable foundation to be able to venture off into the depths of your imagination.  The best thing about a foundation is it has a beginning that you can go back to if the need arises.





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