A guide to Authenticity: Writing Your Story

Have you ever heard the phrase “Write what you know”?  Many of us have and have used this as a guideline for our writing.  Ellen Taliaferro states in this article “The stories you hear and observe each day weave the rich fabric of your work and personal life.”  We live stories every day and with that comes inspiration and imagination.  Socrates once said “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  We are constantly discovering new things everyday.  By using our stories that we observe and live through as our guiding light, we form our own foundations to be inspired by everything around us.

This article that I found was written by a Doctor.  She outlines the best ways to write your story and draw from your life experiences.  Every step is your decision and as you write your journey, the path behind you is laid out neatly.

Source: http://ellentaliaferro.com/writing-your-story-from-true-life-experiences/

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