While everyone has different experiences with publishing, in today’s market you have to be thinking of not only publishing with a house but also online. It can be especially difficult as the two types of publishing can have very different approaches and require certain attention to multiple details. It can be a hard decision as to whether to publish online as many people have a preference. Annette Simon, a children’s author and illustrator, has distinct feelings about this too. In an interview with Ms. Mac, she is asked, MSMAC: There are rapid changes in the world of publishing now that tablets/ereaders and such are in the market in a big way? What are your thoughts about ereaders versus a book? Do you have an ereader? Annette: “I’m a part-time bookseller at a small indie, and this is an almost daily topic of conversation among our customers. Many have received ereaders as gifts; they try them, but they don’t love them. Those with vision problems enjoy enlarging the font, and frequent travelers are happy not to have to lug heavy material. But by and large, in our store at least, the printed book is the hero. I believe that books and ereaders can and will coexist. I have no plans for an ereader, because I need a device on which I can also create. Have you seen Oliver Jeffers’ HEART AND THE BOTTLE ipad picture book app? It’s beautiful–but so are his books!”. I have strong feelings about publishing and am still torn as to look it at online publishing as an opportunity.

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