Blonde Hair and Bravery: Navigating the Middle East

On Twitter, Kayla Ruble describes herself as an “acid reflux survivor.” But her next description, “professional eavesdropper,” is one that is massively downplayed.

Ruble is a correspondent for VICE News, covering issues in the Middle East and its surrounding regions. Her hard-hitting articles are written decisively and backed by an abundance of knowledgeable and “legit” sources, leaving audiences elucidated and possibly even  infuriated.

In between her articles with VICE, she maintains her presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Her posts are informative but tactful, never entirely giving away her location. She uses an active voice, one that demands attention and cultivates rock-solid ethos.

Her most recent article, “US and EU Accused of Turning a Blind Eye to ‘Rampant Torture’ in Uzbekistan” is one that begins with a testimonial of an Uzbek man, an average Uzbek man, that police tortured for three days before finally letting him go.

The flow of the article seems to easily and logically swap from first-person accounts to expert and organizational sources.

Ruble is constantly active and seeking credibility and boldness. Her articles are timely, lucid and drenched in ethos. While her articles stray away from the story-telling aspects and adhere to the matter-of-fact laws of news, she finds a way to earn the audience’s attention through depicting her sources as the humans that they are.


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