Clichés not your cup of tea?

Food writing has been around for several decades. One can only use the same descriptions a certain number of times. After that, readers have seen it all, and it’s not guaranteed that they’ll come back to read more.

A huge challenge in food writing is describing the food without being cliché or pretentious. The blog “Eat Your Words” has a list of clichés to stay away from:

  • It melted in my mouth
  • Bursting with flavor
  • Cooked to perfection
  • Goodness (as in, creamy goodness, salty goodness)

The same post also has a list of things that writers should do. They stress the importance of editing, writing in the same tense, and breaking text into short paragraphs.

Clichés should generally stay out of all writing, but I think food writing is especially prone to them. Regardless, there is no style of writing that doesn’t benefit from proofreading.


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