Styles in Economics

At some point throughout my education I have been exposed to most every style of writing. Whether or not I was particularly successful in a specific style is another story. I have always especially enjoyed persuasive writing and appreciated its value among other styles. Some of the most common and recognized writing styles are descriptive writing, persuasive writing, expository writing, compare and contrast writing, and narrative writing.

In my feature article I use a combination of descriptive, compare and contrast, and persuasive writing. I am descriptive in the sense that I explain different credit card options and how to use them. At the same time I compare and contrast the credit card options in regards to their benefits and advantages. Ultimately the purpose of my article is to influence students’ opinion of credit cards and how beneficial they can be and in that respect I am persuasive. It is interesting to consider and analyze the combination of different writing styles that can be simultaneously employed in one feature.

In economics every style of writing can be employed depending on the purpose of the writing. Naturally, there are more descriptive and expository type pieces in economics. Narrative style still exists in economics and finance, however. Take Michael Lewis or Malcolm Gladwell, both of whom successfully use narrative style in a field where it is not commonplace. Lewis has had his narrative work become film adaptations and Gladwell has enjoyed plenty of attention as a result of his narrative style writing. These two authors and their works are the exception. Most literature in economics is informative. Economic magazines offer more freedom of style than an economic textbook, but economic magazines are primarily descriptive. As an economics student, it is refreshing to enjoy the work of Lewis and Gladwell and their unique narrative approach. Most of my reading comes from economic textbooks which are quite dry and vanilla.

Style is not specific to any field or topic. Creativity is the key to writer’s success. I believe that any style of writing can have a viable use in any number of fields.

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