Give Em’ What They Want

This latest peer review made me reevaluate my article. My article is too much of a memoir and not enough of a location profile. I’m actually really happy to have caught this, as its making me take a much more serious look at what exactly my publication is looking for and avoid writing purely self indulgent material. Fortunately the publication I chose has a pretty precise platform they expect from their writers, so it has made editing relatively easy so far.

On National Geographic’s travel site they even have an article focused on improving writing as a travel writer that I’ve already used to help with my own article. Asking constant questions to give the reader the chance to discover a place as if they were in my shoes, traveling with a writing assignment/project in mind, and getting of the grid to localize are just a few tips that I’ve used to make my own article more appealing. Before I make the finising touches on my paper I need to ensure that I’ve written what the audience would want to read, not what I wanted to write.


One thought on “Give Em’ What They Want

  1. alivalerio April 23, 2015 / 4:19 am

    I’m so glad that it’s working out for you! I think it’s great that you were able to find not only guidelines for what National Geographic is looking for, but an entire article devoted to travel writing. It’s hard to give publications exactly what they want; even if you have a fantastic piece, if it doesn’t fit with audience and style of the publication, then unfortunately it’s not selected. But I think you are so right when it comes to writing to appeal specifically to the audience, and not just writing what you want to write. It can be really hard to give up what we know we want in our work, but I guess we have to ask ourselves what we value more; to be true to our own intentions, or to be published? Sometimes I think we can find a happy medium, but not always, and it seems to take a whole lot of work. I hope you find that happy medium!


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