Attack the Publication

Trying to fit the platform National Geographic Traveler specifies has been challenging. I’m trying to not only think of ways that I can model my own article after those that they’ve already published, but ways that I can stand out as a writer. What will set me apart from the rest of the pack? I recently came across an article about an applicant to an upcoming company, airbnb. The company approves “unique travel accommodations from local hosts”. It’s a new way to spend the night abroad without necessarily paying gross amounts for a hotel. Nina Mufleh approached the job she wanted at this company with a new progressive business model, as well as what she could bring to the table should she become an employee.

I thought this was the perfect example of an alternative approach to a classic problem. What ways can I distinguish myself in not only my writing but even in my proposal? The query letter is in a lot of ways a resume, and the feature is the job. I’m hoping recognizing this trend could be just the sort of niche I need to be successful in this field.


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