Charts and style

Though the inclusion of charts in writing isn’t something that tons of people plan on doing, it’s essential for people who do data driven journalism, and articles that focus on statistics or numbers.

Though charts are generally amazing and should be used more often than they are, there is such a thing as a poorly designed chart. That’s why we have the Darkhorse Analytics Blog helping to show us why data always looks better naked.

I highly recommend clicking that link, because they have an awesome graphic on the page that breaks down the best way to strip down a chart, and make it look better to the eye.

Adding a chart to a post can make your writing style much more informative, and even more creative. The better the information is presented, the better, and charts and graphs do a tremendous job of presenting numbers to readers.

Charts are friends. Just like you won’t let your friend go out looking terrible, don’t let your charts look bad either.

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