I have recently read the book Everyday by David Levithan. This novel is a young adult piece, where the narrator wakes up in a new body every day. After we started the style discussion, I was thinking about how Levithan worked this piece stylistically.


The novel is written in first person, the narrator- who calls themselves A- is a non-gendered entity that moves from body to body each day. A wakes up in males, females, straight people, gay people, transgendered individuals, and even once an agendered person. Each person A wakes up in has their own consciousness, but the reader also is directly in A’s mind.

This gives the work a complicity to the style, even though the language is simple and the sentence structure is uncomplicated.

In regards to his audience, Levithan somehow produces a work that is stylistically complicated while meeting the needs of his young adult audience.

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