It’s my Audience!

Demographically speaking, my publication doesn’t have a distinct type of reader. Everyone travels, and so National Geographic’s statistical average reader is anything but average. The audience analysis is broad, and that can make emulating the style of staffed writers, a potentially dangerous practice. Without a distinct demographic like high school-college adolescents, senior citizens, or teenage girls, publications work only harder at being relatable to a more generic audience.

So the question remains: What posses mass appeal? I’ve taken a risk on my article, fusing the exhilarating events of my own narrative with the key points a travel publication looks for in a destination piece. This hybrid style, when further developed is what I hope to be my own market niche. What are some other techniques I might be able to employ to further form my own style for such an ambiguous audience? The fact remains that every reader has their own limitations. Whether its monetarily, physically, or even legally, not everyone will find the appeal to a place, no matter where in the world it is.  I have to learn how use my own perspective, to make my article as well as the location have the mass appeal. High readability that will make the readers wanna fly off and meet me on the proverbial distant shores.

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