Style is a weapon!

According to Katherine Cali, from Learn Nc, “A WRITER’S STYLE IS WHAT SETS HIS OR HER WRITING APART and makes it unique.”

Word Choice, Point of view, Voice and sentence structure all contribute to style. A writing style can play up a piece with more complicated word usage, third person point of view, complicated sentences and longer paragraph length. More impersonal styles can be found in law books, or writing that is specifically to inform.

Personally, I think style is used in almost a weapon like manner, since the style can make or break a piece of writing. What I mean by this is that, as we have learned throughout this course, writers sometimes need to adapt different styles when writing in different genres, and when writing for specific audiences.

For some people it is more difficult for them to manipulate the style of their writing, especially if they are extremely comfortable writing a certain way. For example, if someone has only written reports their entire writing career, writing a personal essay might prove a challenge for them and will probably come out sounding robotic, and as un-personal as one can possibly get while describing personal experience.

I think the best way to overcome this issue is to really understand the audience a piece is targeted to.


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