The longform sports article and style

Many sports reporters have to keep their work short and simple, particularly when it comes to recapping games, or reporting on news, a new type of genre has emerged in the sports world, mainly due to the rise of online blogs and websites that can host the 2000+ word articles.

Though the longform articles are not only a new genre, they also have led to a new style of writing, one that has to be so interesting and intriguing that it keeps the reader entertained for a long period of time.

Most sports writing is designed to be direct and to the point, as readers just simply want to get the information they desire and move on. The newer longform pieces, however, don’t do this. Instead, they draw readers in by setting up a dramatic story, and then string them along by adding context, before finally concluding the piece.

The change is interesting and important, because it shows that writers can’t get stuck in a place where they can’t branch out with their writing due to their style. If they want to succeed, they have to find voices that work for multiple types of writing, and then find ways to excel at both.

(Here’s some good longform pieces if anyone is interested.)

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