Audience is Everything

No matter where you go in the world, there are people who like sports. Sports are one of the oldest forms of entertainment and are not unique to any one region. That being said, there is no one type of reader who reads about sports. The audience for sports writing comes from all walks of life and there is no way to pigeonhole the audience or cater to a specific group’s preferences. That means that style of a sports writer has to be generic, in a sense. Anyone who is a fan of that sport or team has to be able to sit down, read, and understand what it is they are reading. Certain diction particular to sports can be used, but there isn’t much room for flowery language that only English majors can understand. It is a style that does not necessarily transcend well across subjects and genres, but it is the style needed for my field. As someone who wants to write more than just sports articles, I will have to remember to cater to my audience of whatever it is I am writing and use the appropriate style for them.


One thought on “Audience is Everything

  1. awebb8 April 25, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    This is very relatable in a since to public relations writing. There is not really a set tone we need to use for something. Though, we do tend to cover and give out positive things for journalist cover. Our audience changed a lot for each assignment or objective we have and we have to always remember to write to our audience by writing to the journalist we want to cover the story or event. It can be difficult at times but as you say in your tittle, audience is everything.


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