Read, Read, and Read

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to improve and hopefully make it in the business. That’s why I always take any advice I can get from those who are published. One my best friend’s mother is a professor for FSU and a published author and one of the things she told me was to read, read, and read some more. She said that by reading you open yourself to new writing styles, new syntax, new diction and just a new way of looking at writers. Learning all of these new things can help provide a foundation to base off of and possibly emulate. Sure enough, whatever I am reading at the moment influences the way I write and I find myself basing my style off the author whose work I am reading.


One thought on “Read, Read, and Read

  1. Mike Kassem April 27, 2015 / 2:03 am

    I agree! The more you read, the more your writing can be influenced by strong writers. However, by just reading and reading and reading, will we really be prepared to write and incorporate what we’ve learned? Often times we can emulate the best practices from the best writers, but the piece just doesn’t click. The flow can be off. I believe that we need to write as much as we read in order to learn from trial and error how to truly use the best from the best so that it is a perfect emulation.


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