The Style of Professionals and Authors

The style of each paper, article, and book is different. From harry potter to john green’s Fault in Our Stars. Each has a different tone, voice, syntax and diction.  New articles and features articles tend to carry a conversational tone, just like in the Public Relations field. New letters and news articles are writing with the reader in mind. They are built to inform their readers on a certain topic. They can be from anything to business news, a local celebrity visiting or even something as a new community being built next month. They are also written with no contractions, making them shorter and easy to read. It also helps the reader gain a very clear view of how the author feels and gives the chance for miscommunication to be lowered.


Writers can often find their works to give out a difference voice to each reader. For example, In the Harry Potter series some people did not like Severus Snape, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and some did. Later on in the books, it was discovered as to why his actions were justified and why he did have an act for the famous Harry Potter. It depeneds on a readers past experiences to justify why they might like a character with their information they are given at the time but the voice and tone which it is delivered in can change someone’s perspective really fast.


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