Emulating Style

Style or “voice” is a by-product, not a goal, and you may find it takes time for yours to emerge…and one day, when you’ve stopped worrying about it, it’ll be there.  


Everyone has their favorite writers and genre’s.  The real question is, should you emulate your favorite writers style?  I came across a blog that stated this question and it really made me think.  As aspiring writers, we should find ways to pave our own legacies and use our favorite writers style as a reference without copying their style.  It is a difficult concept to take something that exists and turn it into new.  Emulating our favorite writers, while seemingly a good idea, takes away some of the originality in our own writing.  I think that with the amount of resources available to us, we should try to not emulate our favorite writers, but gain inspiration from them and create something new.

Blog: http://timetowrite.blogs.com/weblog/2013/07/should-you-emulate-your-favorite-writers-style.html

One thought on “Emulating Style

  1. nastashatorrez April 27, 2015 / 7:02 am

    This is such a conundrum. While I completely understand the merit of forging our own writing styles and legacies, I think that it quite difficult to follow through just referencing our favorite authors. I think aspiring writers, or any type of person aspiring to something, is heavily influence that even subconsciously we emulate them because of how they inspired us to become a writer. I think this is definitely something to practice though and try at least consciously to avoid doing so.


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