Everybody Emulates

Everything we have adopted up until the modern day and age is mostly an improvement or alteration of something previously made or done. It is no different in art, literature, or music as much as everyone would like to say their work is 100% original. Throughout our lives we learn, we read, we write, and we come to adopt certain traits or peculiarities that mimic those of others. In writing it is not necessarily a bad thing to have adopted the traits of other writers because although it is may not be 100% original it is not unoriginal either.

I found an interesting blog post written by Jurgen Wolff where he says, “I think it’s worth analyzing exactly what it is about your favorite author’s style that appeals to you so much.” I found this to be very true because as a writer you do not want to purposely mimic another author’s style because you want to create your own writing identity but if there is something appealing to you in someone else’s work, find out what it is and make it your own. Emulation is not copying, it is taking bits and pieces of what you like and what works for your writing and creating your own identity out of that.



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