The Great Harry Potter Series

To have someone try and match a great and notable book series, like harry potter, is a little intimidating. The style of the book series is amazing and so well thought out quotes such as these;

Books-and-bravery-harry-potter-picture-quote 69011c00b8a122a339ce83efe3b9fba3

Have touched the hearts of millions. The fan base of the Harry Potter series now have two theme parks, which includes a castle, and a behind the scenes tour in London, England. A whole generation grew up with the books, watched the movies at midnight premieres and dressed up as their favorite characters at events. If everyone today had the same idea’s we would be going no where and there would be no creativity in the world. I hope that never does happen. I think other book series like the Hunger Games as tried to emulate some of the success Harry Potter received. Both amazing great books but one connected with a kids better than the other.



One thought on “The Great Harry Potter Series

  1. sdomingu1117 April 26, 2015 / 2:02 am

    I think Harry Potter is a book that really opened up our imaginations and with that, it opened up our hearts. I grew up with Harry Potter and my mom would come, in the middle of the night, to take my books so that I would go to sleep. I would have a flashlight and read those books under the covers (the night they were released, of course). However, I know Harry Potter wasn’t the first book of that kind. My step-dad told me with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he was the same way. He still has his original copies because those were a new generation of books for him. At the time, “these ideas were unheard of”. I think every so often a great writer captures the hearts and minds of a generation. I think it’s an excellent style to emulate; it teaches kids, compassion, kindness, bravery, a sense of adventure and how to stand up in the face of adversity. It has so many lessons that I cannot begin to list them all. These books are a wonderful escape for kids all while in the comfort of their home.


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