The Greatest Writers

Emulation is bound to happen due to how we learn as humans and how we adopt our own styles, especially in writing. We tend to emulate other writer’s because there is something in their writing that appeals to you as a writer and makes you want to write in a similar fashion. Every writer may adopt or mimic many different author’s styles and eventually compile and tweak those styles to create a style of their own.

William E. Jones, Jr. compiled a list of the top 100 writers in history and has created a general list as well as separated them based on gender, genre, particular audience votes, etc. I found this to be interesting because out of all the writers listed it is likely many of us have adopted and tweaked the styles of some and created the writing style we have today. The point of William’s blog post in correlation to mine is that it is hard not to emulate another writer or author when there are at least 100 greatest writers that we are likely to have read in a lifetime.


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