A Dash of Style

A few years ago I was perusing a second-hand book store and came across a most interesting book, A Dash of Style by Noah Lukeman. While my book store companion was unimpressed and informed me that the book would be a boring purchase, the $1.50 price did not dissuade me. The book has been a huge help as I have been referencing it on a more regular basis.

The book is slightly deceiving as it deals exclusively with punctation. I am very aware of how important it is to use proper punctuation, however, I never realized how much of a difference it can make to our writing by playing around with the various, and correct, uses it can make to what might be a simple paragraph. Noah Lukeman takes this book one step further by suggesting exercises of writing.

Noah Lukeman breaks the book down into three major parts: The Triumvirate, Into the Limelight, and Proceed with Caution. Each section is a further breakdown of specific punctuation such as, the period aka the stop sign, the comma aka the speed bump, and the semicolon, the bridge.

I think many of us assume that the subject of our work is going to get us noticed. But I think if we take the time to renew our stance on punctuation, we might be able to make our style more distinct and readable.

If you want to learn more about the book, check out Lukeman’s website:


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