Hanging with the best

Before establishing an identity for yourself, while emulating your favorite artists, it is often times that writers block comes very easily. Either in the way of inspiration as to what can come next that will help the flow of the piece, or how to phrase your next idea. Personally, when writing music, I like to watch live concerts of my favorite artists. I most enjoy watching Pat Metheny play. He is a jazz guitarist. I already know what is going to happen next in the song while listening, but what provides me inspiration and sparks ideas is watching his playing style. How he carries himself, what techniques he uses over others, and how he communicates with the other members of the band to signal unique live changes to the songs.

As for writing, I know that writers often times do a lot of their writing and get a lot of their motivation outside of their homes and in various places – whether outside at a favorite view, a favorite social place, etc. What inspired this post was an article I read on some of the most famous places that writers would drink and socialize at. I believe that if anyone had the chance to visit one of these places, it would provide a lot of inspiration and open their eyes to better understand the writer they are emulating. For example, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese in London is a bar that has been around since 1666. Here, Charles Dickens even went so far as to allude to this bar in his piece A Tale of Two Cities. I believe this kind of experience can be invaluable to a writer and provide a tremendous push in their works.


One thought on “Hanging with the best

  1. nastashatorrez April 27, 2015 / 6:55 am

    That’s so interesting that you mentioned finding inspiration in other writer’s hangouts. I actually got to see a couple of the bar and pubs that famous writers were regulars while I was in London last year. One of the lesser known places is the Angel(formerly the Angel House/Inn), Charles Dickens actually mentions it in Oliver Twist!


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