Improving your style

As we start to establish our styles as writers, we are heavily influenced. From our favorite authors to the newspapers we may read. Our writing is constantly changing and evolving. However, are there things that we can do in order to better our style without looking up to our idols? In the article “How to Improve Your Writing Style in 10 Minutes or Fewer,” I found out that it is completely possible.

The first tip, to use straightforward language, is one that has a very big impact. Many students try to use eloquent language that let ideas flow. Often times, the flow can last for paragraphs worth. This tip is important because it helps us get to the point. In the business world, when briefing your boss, they often times don’t care about word fluff. They want someone who can convey all of the information in as few words as possible.

The one I believe I need to work on most is to avoid needless self-reference. The article refers to this by saying we don’t need to remind the audience that we are the writer. I know that I have a problem with this, and just by taking a few seconds to before I write a sentence I can help eliminate its use.

For the full article:

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